Sunday, March 11, 2012

Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival 2012

Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival is a must-see, hear and feel for music aficionados all over the country and I was fortunate to be part of the second Malasimbo Festival last March 2-4, 2012. In one word, I had to say that my Malasimbo experience was surreal—not a word that I have been using lately.
All in all, Malasimbo 2012 had the right mix of everythingpositive vibes, steady people, good music from local and foreign musicians, proudly Pinoy artists, and the magic of nature. Aside from the rain during day three, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.  

Nature was a big part of the festival as it was held on a mountain called Malasimbo in Puerto Galera, Mindoro. The stage was set at a lower ground to create a natural amphitheater.

I had to give it to the sound engineers and the bands for giving us top quality music and performances. 
Joey Ayala's performance was awesome
Deoro with Waway Saway

Paul Zialcita

Tao Aves was one of my top two picks during the festival. It was the first time I heard her voice and it was very powerful and distinctively Pinoy. I learned that she is the daughter of Grace Nono. My other pick was The Skarm, a  Filipino Hip-hop group. I was  surprised because I don’t usually like hip-hop and rap music, but they just got me. Unlike the usual register of Hip-hop/ rap to me, theirs was easy on the ears—very smooth, clean and captivating.

Where we got our P50 Manila Beer (the brand). Yes, we were drinking Manila Beer in Galera—sadly, it was the only brand available.

Much thanks and appreciation to the Malasimbo Festival organizers and crew; Mt. Malasimbo owner, Mr. d'Aboville; engaging and skillful host, Sarah Meier—really glad she took over even for day two only; bands and artists for creating a life-changing event for me that I will—for sure—always remember. I am eagerly looking forward to Malasimbo 2013.

Ang mga artists

Giant tutubi 


Photos by Peter Tom Tolibas (More of Peter's work; visit his website,  twitter, tumblr, or flickr) and Paulo Subido.

If you are contemplating if you should go to Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival 2013, I'll say, "Go! Fly! And enjoy!"

What to bring for Malasimbo 2013
  1. Comfortable clothes and footwear - apt to wear in the mountains; no heels please
  2. Jacket or sweater
  3. Rain gear—in case it rains—like umbrella and raincoat   
  4. Banigs or mats
  5. Blankets or sarongs
  6. Tissue or wet-ones
  7. Lots drinking water
  8. Vitamin C
  9. Alcohol (not the one for drinking) and insect repellent
  10. People you love. Wee! Because Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival is worth sharing with the people you love. 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pinto Art Museum

The search for the perfect wedding venue...

I like Pinto Art Museum. It is almost an hour ride from Eastwood and a bit hard to find; yet I am willing to forgo the convenience factor. If it wasn’t for the Php100,000 rental fee, my fiance and I would have chosen Pinto Art Museum as our wedding venue. There is something about the museum that we would have wanted to share with the people we love. 
Rooftop of one gallery in Pinto Art Museum. The place can be used as a party venue. It has a magnificent view of the sunset and a welcoming yet majestic ambience.
The rooftop of one of the art galleries. This area can be used as a wedding venue. I can clearly see myself marching here as a bride.  

Upon entrance to the museum, I immediately felt like I was warped to a totally different place. 

Sa lugar na iyon, Filipino lang ang bida. Makikita sa mga likhang-sining sa loob museo na ang talento ng Filipino ay hindi basta-basta. Bawat likha at mga pinaglagyan nito ay may sariling kwento; lahat may dahilan; lahat pinag-isipan. Napuno ang puso ko ng iba’t ibang emosyon- saya, galit, tuwa at ngitngit. Ngunit sa halip na maguluhan, ako ay nakaramdam ng kalayaan. 
In that place, it is all about the Filipinos. It is evident from all the artworks that the Filipino talent is world-class. All the artworks and where they are placed have a story; everything  has a reason; everything was well thought of. I was overwhelmed with different emotions yet I felt so free.
Pinto Art Museum is called as such because of the many doorscalled “pinto” in Filipinothat connect one gallery to another. And because the place is open to all forms of art and artists. 

Different art worksmostly paintings, sculptures and installations by Filipino artists are being showcased in Pinto Art Museum. These are all part of Dr. Joven Cuanang’s collection. Dr. Cuanang is a neurologist and a passionate supporter of the Philippine contemporary art.
Andy Orencio, one of the featured painters, moonlights as the museum guide. He did a good job of showing us around and sharing the stories behind some of the artworks.

I highly recommend Pinto Art Museum. If not as a wedding venue, Pinto Art Museum is a place where one can appreciate art, relax and reflect, make his own artwork, or spend time with family and friends. It is best if you can set aside one whole day when you visit the museum. 

The sunset from Pinto Art Museum. I call this photo “Ang Nag-uumapaw kong Puso” (My Overflowing Heart), which is what I felt when I was there.

Photos by  Paulo Subido

Jardin de Miramar

The search for the perfect wedding venue...

Jardin de Miramar is a 3.5 hectares garden situated in San Jose Extension, Antipolo. It has ten function areas; each having its own appeal and features to suit different event needs. Rental fees range from Php7,000 to Php50,000.

The whole place is undeniably breath-taking. It has a romantic and cool atmosphere, which I think is best for weddings. It is well maintained with properly groomed plants and trees, art sculptures, and sanitary comfort rooms.

Travel time to reach the place is more or less 40 minutes, coming from Eastwood and considering light to moderate traffic situation. For our case though, we had a hard time looking for the garden even with the detailed directions I got from their website. I suggest that you ask directions from the locals the minute that you think you are lost.
Flowers and vines scattered all over the garden add a romantic and dreamy touch.

Pathway to Ylang Ylang. I like this function hall because it is hidden from the main farm thoroughfare.

Jardin de Miramar has a mini-Intramuros, which looks and feels like the Intramuros in New Manila. I am not a fan of the pond at the centermight be a mosquito habitat. 

 Intramuros looks nice on photos.

The Pergola
The Paradiso
 Green all over; the Pergola and Paradiso are best for the garden theme wedding.

I recommend the Plaza for couples who want a garden theme wedding but are worried that it might rain. It is covered; yet two sides are open and have a view of a garden.

The Sevilla is the only function area that can be air-conditioned in Jardin de Miramar.   

Seating capacity and rates are available at Jardin de Miramar's website

Photos by Paulo Subido

Friday, March 9, 2012

Practical Wedding Venue

Because there are so many weddings happening these days, I would be crushed if we can’t get a venue just because they are all fully booked for the next two years.

I have been to a number of weddings since I was young. Those weddings had venues ranging from hard-to-find provincial churches to five-star hotels with Php100 per hour parking rates. I will never forget how my dad always flared up because he could not find a parking space. He usually ended up parking the car very far. By the time we arrived at the church, my feet had blisters. But I love weddings, so I mentally took note of what would make an ideal wedding venue. 

5 things that will make a wedding venue practical

1. Convenient. Easy to find by car or by public transportation. Take in consideration that not all your guests will bring or has their own vehicle. 

2. Enough parking.

3. Well ventilated. During a wedding, the following are most of the time present: humid Philippine weather, elegant and high healed pair of shoes (which are only comfortable for the first few hours), and make-up for women. Need we say more?

4. Charming and romantic. It's a wedding. Everything should be romantic. 

5. Photogenic. I know for a fact that after the wedding ceremony, only the photos are left to remind the couple of their wedding day. The place should look lovely on camera.

Below are the places we have seen so far; click to see venue review.