Sunday, September 9, 2012

Old yet New

When I was growing up, I searched my parents’ closets and bauls for the perfect wardrobe. I am charmed by what people wore in the ’60s and ‘70s. These decades brought flared pants, pointed and big collar blouses, flowing bohemian garments, shiny and skin-tight disco outfits, maxi dresses and skirts, and psychedelic prints which are all very stylish up to now. 

I know I can’t resist a vintage dress—especially if it belongs to my mom. If I can’t find a way to wear it, I’ll probably use the fabric for my home decor, or simply keep it close by. I’m sure I will make use of it one day, some way.
Photo shot in UP Los Banos.
This skirt is one of the nicest pieces in my closet. I love it because it has an ethnic Philippine flavor.
Lydia Jaranilla-Querubin
That’s my mom back in 1974. And my skirt used to be part of the dress she is wearing. It won’t fit me as is because I am three inches shorter than her. I almost cried when my trusted modista wasn’t able to alter it properly.
Good thing we were able to salvage it as a skirt. I am a big fan of maxi skirts. They look dramatic yet are versatile enough for use in almost any occasion. I wore this ensemble at a wedding.
Photo by Icee Palomo
Throw on the proper top and mix the right accessories, and you can strut anywhere.  

Affordable black beaded necklace from bazaar

Gold bangles and watch

comfy nude mary jane shoes from

Reviving your mom’s old clothes is practical. A brand-new maxi skirt can cost up to Php3,000 (USD71) nowadays, more or less. It depends on the brand. 

By the way, this outfit cost me Php2,849 (USD67).
(Dollar conversions based on US Dollar = Ph Peso Exchange Rate of USD1=Php42.54 dated Feb 8, 2012.)

Breakdown of costs: 
  • Headband - belt from another top
  • Bead Necklace - bought from a bazaar, Php250
  • Bangles - two sets; one bought from USA, Php350; another one from a bazaar, Php100
  • Watch - a gift (Seiko 5)
  • Chiffon Blouse - bought from The Ramp, Php799
  • Maxi Skirt - used to be mom's dress, alteration cost Php150
  • Mary Jane Shoes - bought online from, Php1,200   

Find out if your mom and dad still have their old clothes. If they do, then rummage through their stash. You might find something pretty and for keeps.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Just Soap and Water for Face

When I was about nine and my face would show one or two signs of acne growth, my 11-years older brother would continuously prod me to wash my face with just soap and water. I am glad I followed his advice and have been since then. For one thing, I think it really made sense; the lesser chemicals (compared to the facial creams the dermatologists usually gives) that I put on my face, the purer and then the better.  

I am not saying that I haven't visited the derma ever. I do get my quarterly facial cleaning, but that is just about it. I have been sales-talked to try the diamond peel once or twice, though I just end up looking like a sun-dried tomato the day after. This was done in a popular and posh clinic so I don't think the quality of products was the culprit.

I use Dove, Oil of Olay or Pond's. All those always make me feel great after washing my face. That moment after I wash the soap away, then look at the mirror; and feel and look so clean, so fresh and sometimes so pretty is just priceless.

Taking care of your face need not be expensive. For the longest time, I have been using just soap and water and it has proven to be the most effective. And the cheapest, for that matter. And not to forget, very hassle-free.