Friday, September 7, 2012

Just Soap and Water for Face

When I was about nine and my face would show one or two signs of acne growth, my 11-years older brother would continuously prod me to wash my face with just soap and water. I am glad I followed his advice and have been since then. For one thing, I think it really made sense; the lesser chemicals (compared to the facial creams the dermatologists usually gives) that I put on my face, the purer and then the better.  

I am not saying that I haven't visited the derma ever. I do get my quarterly facial cleaning, but that is just about it. I have been sales-talked to try the diamond peel once or twice, though I just end up looking like a sun-dried tomato the day after. This was done in a popular and posh clinic so I don't think the quality of products was the culprit.

I use Dove, Oil of Olay or Pond's. All those always make me feel great after washing my face. That moment after I wash the soap away, then look at the mirror; and feel and look so clean, so fresh and sometimes so pretty is just priceless.

Taking care of your face need not be expensive. For the longest time, I have been using just soap and water and it has proven to be the most effective. And the cheapest, for that matter. And not to forget, very hassle-free.

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