Thursday, May 17, 2012 Improved my Life

Yesterday was my last day at—my employer for five years—and when I woke up this morning, memories of my fun-filled sometimes toxic JobStreet days came rushing back to me. I felt sad and happy at the same time—sad because I left my friends; happy because I learned and improved a lot about myself. I learned that emails need to be answered or acknowledged within a few hours or if I don't have immediate access to internet due to a meeting or event, within a one-day lead time; I learned to juggle—in the corporate world this is popularly known as multitask—more than three major projects at a given time; I learned to coordinate and deal with government employees and different types of people no matter what their rank or status; and I learned that work is not work at all if you love what you are doing—this may sound like a hallmark card one-liner, but it is true. :)

I am very thankful and feel blessed for being part of the family—a family composed of professional, smart, fair, and friendly individuals. And as I face a new challenge in my life,—the number one job site in the Philippines—shall always have a special spot in my heart. 

JobStreet is known for its massively attended job fairs.
Every time I went to the events, my heart ached  for all the jobseekers eagerly wanting to get their dream job
The relaxing view from JobStreet's office
I always participated during team buildings- I was very competitive
In, I found out that I can be larger than life
In, I found a very good friend- Nica Danganan
I explored Bacolod with my JobStreet buddies


  1. hey Es, I reminisced about my own experiences after I read this.. Although my stay was shorter than yours, the bonds made and the lessons learned are unparalleled :) Good Luck on your new career journey :)

    1. I miss you, Ru! Another reason why I love JS so much is because of the wonderful people I met. Keep in touch, ok! And good luck to both of us. :)