Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wedding Outfit: Grecian Dress and Wedge Shoes

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. And I know that in able to achieve my best look, I had to make sure that I am comfortable with my dress and shoes.

The Dress:
I opted for a simple Grecian inspired wedding dress, which was light and easy to manage. And since the design was Grecian, there were ruchings and the waist was cut high. Hence, my unwanted tummy bulges were all hidden.

I could just imagine how hard it  would have been to smile and project for the camera if at the same time I had to hold my stomach in, if ever I did choose a fitted-on-the-waist dress.

The high waist of the dress also made my legs look longer—aside from the fact that I wore a  pair of five-inch heels.

The Shoes:

Of course they had to be wedges. Wedges are the most comfortable type of high-heeled shoes there are. They may not look as formal, but they can still be stylish. And who will actually look at your shoes? Your dress is floor length anyway. Four- or five-inch stilettos are the ultimate in style; but if you are not used to them—then do not risk it. I can only stand in a pair of stilettos for 30 minutes, then you will start to see on my face that I am not happy anymore.

When choosing your wedding shoes, find a pair that you can easily walk in. Remember that you will be doing your bridal march, dancing with your father and groom, going around greeting your family and friends, and posing a lot for the camera. All these you have to do while most eyes are on you. 

Photos by Jonel Batino of SuperPandaPresents

Dress by Gaygay Gowns and Barong, Lopez Avenue, Los BaƱos, Laguna

Shoes from Oro Nero


  1. You look so beautiful. Wearing wedge shoes for wedding ceremony is quite a challenge for most ladies would choose high heels. But the wedges shoes look great as well.

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  3. you looking Gregorius with your dress and wedge shoes also.