Sunday, September 6, 2015

Maximizing Small Spaces with Customized Cabinets and Shelves

I love cabinets and shelves. Even more now that I am forced to live efficiently, because my husband and I live in a one-bedroom 41 sqm condominium unit in the city. We have to maximize spaces. Which is why our couch has a storage compartment and bed has drawers and built in shelves. 

We recently had cabinets and shelves installed in our condominium unit and are really happy with them. 

The dining area

We transformed a free space into a cabinet for storing items we don't use on a daily basis. This also eliminates the clutter at home, because we can now hide them neatly inside the cabinets. 
The construction workers prepping the cabinet location

Preparing for the installation of cabinets

The cabinets were already pre-fabricated based on our agreed design.
The construction workers just need to install them.

New cabinets in our dining area. 

The living room 

My husband and I felt bad that we weren't able to take a photo of how our TV area used to look before the new rack and all. It would have been very nice to compare it with the new improved living room area. The before looked really messy--the cords were all over the floor, which ended up easily catching dust. Now there are shelves for the consoles, DVDs and even books that are attached on the wall, and it easier to sweep the floor. The place also looks bigger and more organized. 
Before the installation of the TV rack
TV Rack with shelves and mood lighting
Our new and improved living room

The installation only took around five hours, as everything was already pre-fabricated based on our agreed layout. The design, however, took us three meetings-- including agreeing on the design, measurements and color. 

Our contractor is Carlo Blanca of A'Quinto Personal Furniture. He is very professional, respectful and most of all, delivers quality service. You may reach him at (0917) 534-4946.


  1. hi ms. esay, how much did it cost you?

  2. Hi Analyn, it usually depends on the measurements and specifications. Suggest that you get in touch wiith Carlo so he can give you a quotation or price range. Thanks!