Monday, December 6, 2010

Liz and Ferdi's Wedding

Attention to details is a must for professional make-up artist Liz Barrientos-Magpantay and I did not fail to notice that in all the aspects of her wedding last December 4, 2010. Liz and Ferdi's wedding was simply fabulous. Fabulous is a word that immediately comes to my mind every time I think of or see Liz. And consistently, Liz was able to live up to my expectations on making everything she touches fabulousnot because she needed to, but because she was born with it.

The event was a mix of all the in-things in weddings nowadays, but I still found it very original and "so Liz". Another thing that I liked about how Liz handled her wedding was how she thought of each of her guests' happiness, too. I will always remember when she told me to bring Paulo, my boyfriend, despite her not being close to him.

Liz and Ferdi's wedding is one of the best weddings I have been to and here are more reasons why:

1. Their chosen church, Christ the King, was very accessible for someone like me who doesn't have my own wheels and it was air-conditioned--an answer to Philippines's hot and humid weather. 

2. I knew it was going to be a cool wedding when a girl in a tutu came in with a placard. Again, details, details and details.

3. An awesome bride and groomconsider this the first reason why the wedding rocked. 
What I eagerly await to see in all the weddings I go to: entrance of the bride, wedding dress and groom waiting for the bride by the altar. For me, 60% of a wedding is the bride. The other 40% is all the others the entourage, venue, food, flowers, giveaways, bridal car. 

4. The entourage’s dresses were so stylish. Liz, by the way, is fashionable.
Both the secondary sponsors and bridesmaids wore above-the-knee dresses of unconventional wedding colors of charcoal and black. 

5. I love the maid of honor's dress the most. 
Yup, there are two Lizs. The other one is Liz Barrientos-Susuki, the bride's twin. 
And the little girl is her daughter, Chloe.

6. The men’s outfits were not left out. Ferdi sported a well-fitted three-piece charcoal colored suit. 

7. The little boys and girls’ outfits were so adorable!

Andre was so cute!

8. The after-party was at Mango Farm. Cool and steady; the place was perfect to celebrate Liz and Ferdi’s new life together. It was very accessible, as well.
9. The food and set up by K by Cunanan was great. The over-all look and feel of the party was, again, "very Liz" with zebra print table runners.

10. The program was fun for the couple and guests.
Liz asked her close friends, the secondary sponsors Carol, Abi and Erben, 
to be the masters of ceremony.

Liz and Ferdi's energetic and funky first dance as husband and wife was really entertaining. The groomsmen danced with them, too.

A PinoyHenyo game was included in the program. 
Liz loves playing PinoyHenyo and Raffy is a PinoyHenyo expert.

Looks like we really did have fun at Liz and Ferdi's party.
I accidentally got the bouquet by being the first one who got disqualified in the Limbo game. I purposely hit the plank because I thought the winner will get the bouquet, not the loser.

One of my bestfriends Nica, Liz and I. 
I love this photo of Liz and Ferdi.

I know these two will have a fabulous life together. Love, love, love and more love.  

Photos from Liz and Ferdi's wedding album. 


For my friends in Australia who wish to make their celebration as special as this, hiring String Musicians would definitely make an unforgettable and romantic wedding.



  1. Aww André is in your post ...sweet! And he was cute even if he won't walk down the aisle and Daddy A had to carry him all the way to the altar. Hihi!

  2. i so love this part --- Liz was able to live up to my expectations on making every thing she touches fabulous—not because she needed to, but because she was born with it.