Monday, December 6, 2010

Outfit: Liz and Ferdi's Wedding

Whenever I attend weddings, I make an effort to choose an outfit that will match the overall theme and motif of the event. For Liz and Ferdi's wedding, I wore my pink, purple and gray flowered kimono maxi dress because the bride and groom chose the colors pink, charcoal and black as their color motif and the same time the wedding after-party will be in a garden.

The dress wasn't mine at first; it was supposed to be for my aunt who will be attending a luau themed high school reunion party. I was really glad when my mom told me that my aunt opted to use  her Hawaiian button-down shirt instead. I am a maxi dress fan because it looks very dramatic. And I love dramatic outfits.

Total outfit cost isPhp2,770 (USD64.42).
(Dollar conversions based on US Dollar = Ph Peso Exchange Rate of USD1=Php43 dated March 30, 2012.)

Breakdown of costs:
  • Maxi dress -  bought from The Ramp, Php1,400
  • Shoes - bought from SM Department Store, Php900
  • Shades - bought from a surplus shop, H&M, Php350
  • Ring - bought from a bazaar, Php100
  • Fancy pearl necklace and earring - both bought from Vente, Php20 each

I got the bouquet.

Good thing I shaved my legs that day.

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