Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jen and Jay's Wedding: 50s Theme

Jen Bendo and Jay Yap Wedding

Two of my close friends, Jen Bendo and Jay Yap, got hitched the 50s way. All the aspects of the wedding including the bride and entourage's dresses, bridal car, reception set-up and even the guests' outfits were crafted to match the said decade. 
The 50s fashion is known for its structure, simplicity and elegance. The bride's dress and head gear without doubt captured the 50s style--simple yet lovely.

The entourage dresses were also so 50s. Different cuts where used but the yellow and gray combination was maintained for uniformity.
Shoes- matching gray pumps
Me and my bestfriend Nica

The bridal car--looked like it time traveled from six decades down.

And this photo is the ultimate 50s wedding car shot. 

The guests were asked to wear their best 50s fashion rendition, too!

The wedding was held at Caluruega Church in Tagaytay. 

Oh, yes, they were very happy during their day--always were, always will be. 

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  1. Themes for such parties should be pre decided for better planning. My sister in law is also thinking to organize a baby shower party. Looking for some lovely ideas and NYC venues to make the day memorable for her best friend. Continental luncheon with variety desserts will be done may be.