Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Negros: 12 Stops in 3 Days

I shall always remember my trip to Negros. The three days I spent in our country's third largest island proved that it is really more fun in the Philippines.

Our entry point to Negros was Silay Citywhere the airport is. And during our first day, we tried to visit all the must-sees in the city known as the Paris of Negros, as well as in Bacolodthe city of smiles. The Mascara festival ended already, but there were still a lot to see.

Balay Negrense-Victor Gaton-Silay City

First stop: Balay Negrense. A restored house of Victor Gastona Negrense sugar maven during the 1900sand his one dozen children. I found the place quaint with a touch of creepiness. I am a fan of old houses but I also have a wild imagination; so not-so-nice images kept on appearing in my mind.

Bacolod must-see, Balay Negrense

Balay Negrense Living Room- Bacolod Must see

Balay Negrense- Bacolod- Silay

Balay Negrense Stairs- Bacolod Must see

Second Stop: Aboy's to eat yummy and affordable food for lunch. We ordered lots of sea foods like talaba (oyster), pagi (stingray), and alimango (crab). I had a plate of talaba and slurped it all. Those talaba sent me home earlier than everybody else that night because of upset stomach.
Aboy's Restaurant- Silay -Bacolod- Place to eat

Third Stop: Tana Dikang's (or Tana Dicang) mansion. Full of awesome and unbelievable Pinoy-made artworks like the painstakingly done wire sculptures of Ian Valladarez; wherein he shapes a continuous piece of wire to a tree, plant, or athlete.

Tana Dikang's House- Silay - Bacolod - Must-see

Ian Valledana's Wire Sculpture

Fourth stop: MO2 Western Hotel. I recommend this place for budget travelers--design and facilities are both practical, whole hotel is clean, and rates are affordable. Room rate is at P1,100 per night and can fit up to three persons.

Fifth stop: Bacolod City Hall. It was so new and grandwe stopped and took photos.

Sixth stop: Bar 21. Swanky yet we were surprised that our total bill was just P2,000+ for eight people.

Bar 21 - Fish plate

Bar 21's Pepper Steak - must order

Bar 21- Soft Crabs - must order

Seventh stop: Mushu. A hip and happening night-out place in Bacolod. Locals and tourists flocked at the venue while the DJ played popular, in-demand and up-to-date mixed tunes. The DJ was good, I must say.

Eighth stop: Manukan Country. We wouldn't miss the authentic Bacolod chicken inasal juicy and flavorfulI devoured my pecho sagad-to-the-bones.

Bacolod Authentic Chicken Inasal- manukan country

Ninth stop: Mambukal Falls. A series of seven small falls that can be seen as you go uphill. It was one of the many highlights of our Negros expedition.

Sulfur hot spring

Tenth stop: my friend Goey Mapa's Japanese rice farm—called Oiscain Negros Oriental. Picturesque and heavenly; it seemed like a land for rice fairies. The wide property of Goey's family is considered as Canlaon City's model farm and I can clearly see why. All the procedure they do in the farm like seedling and worm cultivation, rice milling, and feed formulation are done with great care and tried-and-tested systems.

Every Monday, there is a flag ceremony and calisthenics attended by all the workers
Biggest and oldest balete tree in Philippines- Negros Oriental
The oldest--approximately 1,800 years old--and biggest balete tree in the Philippines
can be found in a national park located inside the farm
Painting -like scenery during ani season

Love this! Classic gas pump inside the farm

One shy boy
the family of Oisca's trusted farmers stayed within the property, too
Not just rice, but also Tilapias are grown in the farm
Eleventh stop: Goey's cousin's mini zoo. I thought Goey was joking when he told us that his cousin has a zoo. But those animals were no joke all! There were many species of reptiles including snakes, lizards and turtles; and birds that you unusually see.

Twelfth stop: Villa Indo where we ate our late lunch before we went to the airport.

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