Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ariel's Point: 43feet Cliff Jump

If you--like me--are in the look out for an experience that will bring chills to your spine then jumping off a 43-feet high cliff at Ariel's Point, Boracay is for you! 

I really made sure that my friends and I went to Ariel's Point when we were at Boracay. Our balik-bayan friend--Isay--from Canada paid for all of our entrance fees. Yes! That was P1,500 per person for one whole day with unlimited jumps  from all the five platforms; open bar with bottled water, soft drinks, rum cola and beer; lunch buffet; merienda; and other stuff to do like snorkel or canoe.
The highest platform is at 42.65ft to be exact. I was still hangover  from the night before--that made the jump so much easier. Well, I actually did not jump, I just stepped off the plank and made sure that I kept my body straight. Then waited for what seemed like forever for my feet to hit the water. I thought I died already! 

Raffy and I were the only ones who tried the highest plank. 
Iza and Joel chose the second highest plank.
We all cheered on Joel for minutes before he was able to do his thing--flip off the plank. It was all worth it. I'm glad Raffy was able to capture the stunt on photo.
We all had lots of fun, excitement, sense of accomplishment and laughter. We just had to laugh at ourselves while we all share our off-the-plank experiences. Plus, I think we were all still drunk. 

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