Sunday, June 3, 2012

Spamu: Spam Sushi

Spamu is spam and sushi in one

Spamu is the money-makers' gift for foodies who dig both Spam and Japanese food. I am one those people and I loved Spamu--the taste and experience, but not the price. At P45 each, I think Spamu is expensive. Although it satisfied my sushi craving and the Japanese rice used was at top quality, the slice of Spam was too thin! I ended up opening my own can of Spam to add more.

I'd rather buy a can of Spam at P99 than buy a piece of Spamu--which has an itsy bitsy slice of Spam and costs almost half the price of Spam. The Spamu I tasted, someone bought it for me at a designated kiosk along Eastwood’s old movie house section.  

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