Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sneakers, and Delivering Happiness

This post is about my love for sneakers; my experience; and Tony Hsieh''s CEO and owner--book, Delivering Happiness. 

sneakers-converse-adidas-unitsuka tigers
My love for wearing sneakers started when I was six years old. As early as that age, I already dressed up on my own and I would most of the time put on my used-up crimson red Mighty Kid sneakers with two adjustable Velcro straps each shoe. Thinking about that pair of sneakers immediately activates my sentimental side--love that comfy, funky and cute pair.

Wearing sneakers is not a phase that I overcame when I got older, got more mature or left college. Instead, my inventory of sneakers even improved now that I have my own money to buy nicer pairs. That doesn't mean that I shall easily burn P6,000 for a pair--that is still a lot; I am still always in the look out for good deals and that was how I came across offers a pair of Onitsuka Tiger sneakers for as low as P2,000--50% to 60% lower than most of the Onitsuka Tiger models being sold at Philippine malls. 
Green and gray Unitsuka Tiger sneakers from

My pine and lime green and gray Onitsuka Tigers is so far my best pair of sneakers. This specific color combination is a exclusive--that made me want to own this pair more.

My experience was absolutely pleasant. They immediately--at real-time--replied and offered a solution to my Facebook-posted concern. Aside from the fact that the website was so easy to use and complete. Having all the must-haves of a winning website, easily became one of my favorite shopping sites.

Delivering Happiness

Months after buying my first pair from and recommending it to my friends--talk about the power of word-of-mouth--I came across "Delivering Happiness" as it is one of the required reading materials in the company I recently joined.

Delivering Happiness is a book on how Tony Hsieh was able to build as one of the best companies to work for in the United States. His story is proof that perseverance,  hard work and--of course--passion are key in making it big in everything a person does. The book also zeroed in on how a strong company culture is linked with its success.

The book was heartwarming and inspirational. It makes me want to be part of the family. And if in case I find my way to Las Vegas again, I shall make sure to take the head quarters tour. Can't wait!

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