Thursday, February 12, 2015

How I finished my first 32km strong

I am preparing for the LA Marathon 2015, which is on March 15. 

I have been training on my own since October last year. By December, I was already averaging a total 30 kilometers per week. And my longest continuous distance ran as 2014 closed was 25 kilometers. Month on month I have a target distance to conquer and's 20 miler (32 kilometers) race last January 18 was perfect for my January goal.

My 32 kilometer performance was far better than my 21 and 25 kilometer runs. During the 20+ kilometer races, my game plan was not to stop no matter what. It made me tired half way through and exhausted as I finished the courses. I learned though that my game plan, as a starter long distance runner, could still be improved with a strategy more apt for my level.

My friend, coach Jackie, gave me this very effective program for the 32 kilometer course. 
I brought a copy of this program with me as I ran. I followed everything and before I knew it, I was already on the 31st kilometer. I crossed the finish line strong and with a smile. I even reached my target time of 4 hours and 15 minutes! 

32 kilometer run program

• 1 hour before the race: hydrate with 500ml water
• 15 minutes before the race: eat energy gel
• 10 minutes before the race: warm up

Race proper
• 1 to 5 kilometers: easy pace at 8 to 9 kilometers per hour;
5th kilometer: first hydration. Sip water then rest for 1 minute by walking. For every 3 kilometers from hereon, hydrate by sipping water

• 6 to 10 kilometers: lower the pace to 6 to 8 kilometers per hour;
10th kilometer: eat banana, then rest for 1 minute by walking

• 11 to 15 kilometers: lower the pace to 5 to 7 kilometers per hour;
15th kilometer: re-energize with an energy gel, then rest for 1 minute by walking 

• 16 to 25 kilometers: Galloway method of 4 minutes run, 1 minute walk;
25th kilometer, re-energize with energy gel, then rest for 1 minute by walking

• 26 to 28 kilometers: easy pace at 6 to 7 kilometers per hour

• 29 to 30 kilometers: easy pace at 7 to 9 kilometers per hour

• 30 kilometer: Galloway method of 3 minutes run, 1 minute walk

• 31 kilometer to finish: walk for 2 mins, then run up to finish line

Coach Jackie is now formally coaching me in preparation for the LA Marathon 2015.

After the run in BGC
Very inspiring run! Encountered different kinds of runners: a kid, probably 8 years old; a dad pushing his disabled child on a wheelchair; senior citizens; people trying to lose weight; and people with handicaps.

I registered early, so I got a personalized bib

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