Monday, February 16, 2015

Journey to 42km-- uphill training at Pico de Loro

Pico de Loro!

As part of my LA Marathon (happening March 15, 2015) training, Coach Jackie brought me to Pico de Loro for some uphill training. 

Coach Jackie arranged the packaged trip, which already included transportation and lunch. I just brought two liters of water, trail mix, jello, extra shirts, jacket, hat and sunblock. It was easier to join a packaged tour because everything was prepared already and participants just had to show up in the meeting place. Payment was not bad either at P1,200 per person.

We started the day at 3:30am, arrived at the jump off point by 6:30am (we had three stops to pick up the other hikers going with us), on our way up at around 7am and we were back where we started by 4pm. 

It was a blast! The mountain was such a beauty and the view was breathtaking. I loved the trail-- it was doable for a novice like me. And my husband joined. It was our first climb together, so I will definitely remember Pico de Loro for the rest of my life.

Pico de Loro

Hike just started
Base Camp 1
Very nice dog. He was following us on the trail. 
Pico de Loro-Esay Querubin-Paulo Subido
Camp site
There are sari-sari stores in the camp site. Here was Manong while opening the canned tuna we bought.
We are almost there said the hikers who passed us while we were resting.
The camp site. 20 minutes more to reach the monolith.
Pico de Loro-Esay Querubin-Paulo Subido
Almost at the peak.

Pico de Loro

Mahangin sa taas
Pico de Loro- Esay Querubin
Brave enough

Pico de Loro- Esay Querubin
Enjoying the view

Pico de Loro- Esay Querubin

Pico de Loro- Esay Querubin
I couldn't find a comfortable position on this rock.
I love you, Mother Nature!
Pico de Loro- Paulo Subido

Pico de Loro- Paulo Subido
On the way to the monolith.

Pico de Loro- Paulo Subido-Esay Querubin
That's the monolith on the upper right corner.
Pico de Loro-Esay Querubin
On the monolith.
About to rappel the monolith.
My companions on the monolith.
Back at Base Camp 1 where we ate our lunch.

Pico de Loro-Esay Querubin- Merrell
My reliable pair of Merrell hiking shoes-- like 4X4 vehicles on my feet
Pico de Loro-Esay Querubin-Paulo Subido
We did it! 

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