Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Filipino Artist: Jef Cablog

One look at Jef Cablog's artwork and I immediately became a fan. His paintings are full of life; and I felt that so much energy and passion was put into each of the pieces. Jef Cablog's technique is very unique—the first time I've seen such play with colors. 
When I went to Jef Cablog's first one-man show, "Birthmarked", last March 7, 2012, I had a hard time maintaining a straight face. Why? His paintings successfully brought me to the place of the Cordilleraswhere life is simple, people respect their elders and peers, and nature is well-kept.  So much different from Manila—where I stay most of timemagulo, makalat, maingay at mabaho. I felt sad with this realization. At the same time, seeing Jef Cablog's skillfully done and very detailed paintings made me feel overwhelmed with different kinds of emotions—my usual reaction to great creations.

I have to thank my boyfriend, Paulo, for inviting me to Jef Cablog's show. I feel so lucky that I was given an opportunity to not just shake the hand, but to have a real conversation with a very talented Filipino artist and his equally humble and down-to-earth family members.

Jeff Cablog's parents
Jef Cablog's family



More about Jef Cablog

Photos by Paulo Subido

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