Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Accredited Wedding Caterer: CVJ Food Catering

A way to cut wedding expenses is to opt for the accredited caterers of your chosen venue. Aside from offering a competitive cost per head, packages offered already include other wedding must-haves like the bridal car, cake and pair of doves, and is also flexible. In our case, we were able to include a 100-seat ceremony set-up for free, since we are not getting the bridal car, couple backdrop, torch entrance parade (no need for a grand entrance) and pair of doves. 
L'orchard garden wedding food tasting
Last Sunday, we attended a food tasting in our venueL'Orchard Gardenhosted by a known catering restaurant called CVJ Food Catering. Food tastes goodI loved the pasta alfredo and tinapa parceland the account manager was easy to talk to, so we decided to stick with them.   

CVJ Food Catering Tinapa Parcel is tasty and refreshing 


By choosing an accredited caterer of L'Orchard Garden, we were able to cross out additional five items in our to-do list: wedding ceremony set-up,  flower decorations, professional sound system capable for a acoustic band, garden lighting that looked wonderful in the photos, and three-layered fondant cake.


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