Sunday, April 1, 2012

IPL Underarm Hair Removal

I have always wanted to permanently remove my underarm hair. So when I got an email from a group buying discount site on Intense Pulsed Laser (IPL) hair removal worth only Php300 (USD6.97) per session, I said to myself, "Oh wow, cheap laser! I want! I want! But what's IPL and why is the voucher being offered per session?" and off to Google I went...  

That was six months ago. I bought five vouchers. Now, I enjoy one to two months of absolutely hairless underarms, but the soonest that I see a hair growing, I need to have an IPL session again. 

Can IPL permanently remove hair?

In my case, the answer is no. Although I hope through time it can. I read on some websites that IPL is a permanent way of removing hair. I had five IPL sessions already; my last  session was a month and a half ago; I have to get another IPL session soon.

IPL works differently to different people. My dermatologist said that I reacted positively to the laser treatment. After my third session, I barely had hair on my underarms. For some people, it reaches up to ten sessions before they can see an improvement.

Do you recommend getting an IPL treatment?

Yes. But buy from the group buying sites worth Php300 to Php400 only. I got mine from CleverBuy.You'll need a session every two months, so that is just a total of Php1,800 a year. With regular IPL, you can wear your favorite tube or halter top and flaunt your shoulders and arms anytime. 

Where did you have your IPL treatment? 

Dermaesthetics. The place is ok. It's clean as how all clinics should be; nothing spectacular with the facilities and people.

Hair free kili-kili!


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