Sunday, April 22, 2012

L'Orchard Garden: Our Wedding Venue

L'Orchard Garden is simple, charming and welcoming; perfect for the intimate garden wedding that we are aiming for. From the moment that Paulo (my fiance) parked his car inside the garden, I immediately liked the place. And when I found out that venue rental fee is within our budget, I liked it even more.
The garden is under renovation. I can't wait to see the improvements on July

It took us a number of venue oculars before we were able to lock down L'Orchard Garden. But after weighing all our options, L'Orchard Garden appeared to be the most practical choice. 

It has all the five characteristics—aside from being within our budget that we were looking for for our practical wedding venue which are the following: 1) convenientlocated in 105 Camelot St. Kingsville Court II, Antipolo City, it is just a 30-minute drive from Eastwood; 2) enough parking; 3) well ventilatedwhen we visited the place, it was around 11 o'clock of a summer morning but it did not feel hot at all. The mango trees strategically scattered in the garden provided a cool and refreshing shade against the sun; 4) charming and romantic; and 5) photogenic.

L'Orchard Garden Wedding Venue
Look how cool and shady it gets

Also, Richard and Rocky—the account executivesare both friendly and accommodating, not like the one in the adjacent garden. 


  1. You may have to look at other accommodation options for your guests with different budgets. And then you would also want to consider the convenience of transportation as well as if guests would like to travel a little to see the place, etc. You’d want to make this a great experience for your guests too.

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  3. hi! may I know how much is their rate? Thanks!

    1. Hi Wynndee, I got their package with CVJ Food Catering and ended up paying 600ish per plate. If you do get a package--you'll end up paying just for the food; and the venue rental will be free. And on top of that, the package already has table and chair set up, flowers for the reception and cake. I also recommend CVJ as their food is really of good quality.

    2. You can also see some photos of the venue and set up by CVJ on my post about my wedding here:

      Good luck in your preparations! :) More love.

  4. Hi! Do they have contact no or email?

  5. Hi! Do they have contact no or email?

    1. Hi Mary, you may try and 02-6825779 / 02-3844257. Happy planning!

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